SRS is a registered provider of Support Coordination under the NDIS. Support Coordination is provided to assist participants and their support network to navigate the NDIS, identify and engage supports and services that will be required with the funding that has been given. Our Support Coordination team accepts referrals within a 250km area of Mildura.

Support Coordination is considered a Capacity Building Support—this means it is our role to impart all our skills and knowledge to yourself so you can navigate the NDIS and get the most out of your funding.

Your Support Coordinator will work with you to explain:

  • How a Support Coordinator works with you to implement and monitor your NDIS plan
  • How to identify options for community, mainstream and funded NDIS supports
  • How you could meet with, choose and establish service agreements with providers
  • Assist you with changing service providers when required
  • How to register for myGov website and link to NDIS Participant Portal myplace
  • How to navigate and check you details on myplace
  • Complete required reports for the NDIS
  • Help you connect with relevant agencies when in a crisis
  • Assist you to prepare for your plan review and revise your goals for the next plan
  • If you are self-managing any element of your plan
  • How to make service bookings, monitor funding, submit payment requests and provide feedback.

SRS Support Coordinators can assist you with SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Applications and help you to explore mainstream and community housing options. Support Coordination can assist you to engage with local therapists and explore AT (assistive Technology) to assist you in your home and everyday life.

We will endeavour to assist you with capacity building yourself and your support network and look forward to working with you on this NDIS journey.

SRS is registered to provide support connection, support coordination as well as specialised support coordination.

Support Connection: This support is to build your ability to connect informal, community and funded supports enabling you to get the most out of your plan and achieve your NDIS goals.

Support Coordination: Also known as coordination of supports. This support will assist you to build skills needed to understand, implement and use your NDIS plan. A support Coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks and live more independently. Support Coordination will also assist you to engage within the community.

Specialised Support Coordination: This is a higher level of support coordination for people whose situations are more complex and require specialist support. A specialist support coordinator will assist you to manage challenges in your support environment and ensure consistent delivery of services.

Meet the team

Ailise Taylor— Ailise has worked in the disability sector for 6 years. She has worked in the field directly with participants before taking on the role of support coordination. Ailise is currently studying her Diploma in Community Services.  Ailise enjoys working with a diverse range of clients particularly those with complex physical disabilities.

Sarah Dick— Sarah has previously been a nurse working predominantly in mental health. In 2019 Sarah completed her Bachelor of Human Services and Masters of Social work.  Sarah specialises in working with clients with complex needs, who are involved with a range of services as well as psychosocial clients.

Shane Smythe – Shane comes from an employment background and is new to support coordination.  Shane enjoys working with younger participants and specialises with helping participants explore employment options and linking adolescents into community programs.

Cheryl Kelso – Cheryl works as an administrative assistant to the support coordinators and can be accessed by all clients and provider when needing information.

Getting in contact with us:

Address:  877 Fifteenth Street Mildura (between Deakin Ave and Walnut Ave)

Contact details:   

 Ailise:                           03 4014 9504

Sarah:                               03 5039 5688

Shane:                       03 5039 5689

Cheryl:                           03 5039 5680

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